Mario Ciaramitaro

A Strange Darkness, Good Horn Good Brakes Good Luck, Serra dei Giardini, Venezia, 2015. Photo: Riccardo Banfi. 

A Strange Darkness wants to integret itself as a message in the urban space of Guwahati, without having any direct relationship with it. A urban cut-up, where two elemets are combined quickly and in a unexpected manner. 

A Stange Darkness i a project for a series of posters installed in the public space of Guwahati. The projects wants to use the city, the racket and the swarming mob in the streets as the scene where to abandon these messages.

Mario experimented a series of messages written on road signs in the neighborhood artists were living. Those boards were meant to create brief stories. During that period, Mario was struck by the difference way of living the urban and public space, where the crossing of the city is always different; a place where one day you see a building and the day after is demolished. A place that is continuously changing.

A Strange Darkness, Guwahati, 2013. Photo: M. Ciaramitaro.