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Paolo Rosso

Artistic Director

In 2011 Paolo started MICROCLIMA, a cultural project relating to the natural world, cultural heritage and the public sphere. It is housed in the Serra dei Giardini, a greenhouse built in 1894 for the first Venice Biennale. Paolo has also initiated three research programs: Los Caminos del Cafè in Santiago de Cuba (2014 - 2015), the Guwahati Research Program in Assam, India (2011 - ongoing) and RedHero in Mongolia (2015 - ongoing).


t: +39 334 2751569

Alice Ongaro Sartori

Co-curator and Coordinator

In 2016 Alice gained her MLitt from the School of Art History  of the University of St Andrews (UK). She has worked for the education program of Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, employed as assistant to the curator of Collections and Archives of the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, as well as Interns Coordinator of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

She is currently working as co-curator of MICROCLIMA, a cultural project based at Serra dei Giardini, Venice (Italy).   


t: +39 340 7214011

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