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Good Horn, Good Brakes, Good Luck by Giulia Morucchio, 1st October 2015, ATP Diary.

Play on Salgari’s Guwahati-based novels by staff reporter, 25th March 2016, The Assam Tribune Online.

Leggere Salgari a Guwahati cosi' l'India scopre Sandokan, by Guido Andruetto, 12th Apr. 2016, La Repubblica Online.

Anche gli indiani amano l'India di Salgari, 18th March 2016, La Stampa.

Riccardo Banfi's I Found Myself in Guwahati in Momentum, INTENSITY (2nd issue)

Riccardo Banfi's Tigre (from I found myself in Guwahati) in DER GREIF, Guest Room, by Shoair Mavlian.

Intervista a Mario Ciaramitaro, by Maria Giovanna Virga, 17th September 2013, Baloon Project:

The Guwahati Research Program by Michela Lupieri, 27th of July 2017, Juliet Art Magazine

Bamboo Walkway in North Guwahati by Nava Thakuria, 9th February 2015, Assam Times Online.

A great initiative to trigger tourism interests in city, 13th Feb. 2015, The Sentinel Assam.

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